Sunday, 28 December 2008

Draycote Water visit on Friday 26th. December 2008.

Keen to get some fresh air after Xmas  I went over to Draycote Water on Boxing day.Allthough it was sunny it was colder than ever as I walked along the Farborough Bank and it was busy both on the paths and on the water.

Located the Smew in it's usual spot but as it came near for a decent pic some clown in a speed boat sped by and frightened it off to the far reaches of the reservoir.

The cold was getting to me so I headed back to the Centre.On the walk back the Red Necked Grebe showed well as did a couple of Great Northern Divers well they did till some boaters in kayaks came too close and scared them off.

A Common Sandpiper was near the Centre and a Little Grebe entertained me for a few minutes as it battled with a large fish.  

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