Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Visit to the Falconry at Hanbury on Wednesday 3rd. December 2008

As it was a bright morning and there did not appear to be anything special at my local patches I decided to go to the Falconry at Hanbury to see if they were flying anything interesting.Got there at 11 o'clock and allthough the sun was shining it was extremely cold and I feared Iwould not last too long in the open.

The first bird they brought out was Jessie the Bengal Eagle Owl which entertained us for a half an hour flying around the compound.After lunch they brought out Harry the male Harris Hawk which seemed to have an endless appetite and kept on calling out for more food.A great looking bird spcially when in flight.

A few pics are attached.

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Tim said...

Looks like a lot of fun Max. I'm going to try a photo shoot at the barn owl centre near Slimbridge next weekend. I hope I get shots as good as yours.


Tim Taylor