Sunday, 28 December 2008

Waxwing shots at last.Taken on Saturday 27th. December 2008.

Allthough I had seen seen some Waxwings a few years ago I did not have a shot of one so I was very keen to get one when a few were visiting our area around Xmas.

Having missed the ones at Minworth the previous week I was not confident when I set out early Saturday morning to Upton Warren where they had been seen near the gate of the Webbs Garden Centre.

I did not have to wait long when a dozen of them appeared in the poplars across the roadway.They then dropped down to the trees by the Webbs entrance gates but soon flew off.They returned 15 minutes later but again did not stay too long before disappearing for good.

Managed to get some not so good shots as it was pretty gloomy  but nevertheless I was pleased to get some shots at long last. 

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