Tuesday, 27 January 2009

First day out after a bout of manflu.

I haven't been out birding for a couple of weeks due to a bout of manflu which has left me even weaker than normal.How pathetic is that?Anyhow yesterday I thought I'd better make the effort and decided to go over to Draycote Water.

Decided to walk the Farborough Bank to the hide.It was sunny and not too cold and the water was calm.That's where the good news ended because besides the Shag and three Goosanders I saw very little of note and worst of all took very few pics.The Smew,the Red-necked Grebe and the GN Divers were not showing.Well I'm blowed if I could see them.

Met Bob and Francoise at the Centre and they had seen two of the Divers near the valve tower but they hadn't see the Smew or the Re-necked Grebe either.

Some pics attached.I hope they look OK as I am editing them on a new laptop.


Quantum Tiger said...

Very nice pictures. I especially like the fluffy-bottomed little grebe!

bob duckhouse said...

Hi Max, Good to know you're getting back in the groove.