Saturday, 28 February 2009

Another Draycote Water Visit.

As it was warm and sunny in Knowle on Friday morning I decided to go across to Draycote Water to see if I could get a decent shot of  another Smew that had turned up.Knowing by bitter experience that there is a different climate at Draycote I took some warm clothing this time.

As I walked the Farborough Bank I was met with a cold wind and dull conditions.Typical.I soon found the RN Grebe just past the spit showing close in but you can take so many shots of the same bird so I moved on.Eventualy found the Smew but the miserable so and so stayed several miles away and even when it flew to a new location it stayed well away from my camera.

A Common Buzzard put a bit of a flying show by the Toft carpark but other than that I saw very little.I got even more depressed when on the way back to the centre I missed one of the GN Divers that had just been "so close in that it was almost on the rocks".What a bummer!!!

I cheered up a little when I found a Rock Pippet no far from the centre.It was very lively but I did get some shots.First of the year.

Click on pics for a larger version.

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Quantum Tiger said...

Great rock-pippit shots! I love the one mid-stride