Saturday, 21 February 2009

Another trip to Hams Hall on Saturday 21st. February 2009.

As you can see from all the posts I've made in the last few days the weather has improved and this fairweather birder has been keen to get out and about.It was fine this morning so I thought I'd have  another go at the Hams Hall Firecrest.

Got there at 10.00AM and joined six other birders searching for our little friend.It was nice to see some old friends there including the legendry photographer Paul Goode.

We had to wait for nearly an hour for it to turn up and it then lead us a merry dance for the next couple of hours.It seemed to be very skilled in hiding behind twigs,going up high in the trees,having the sun behind it all the time and when you got focussed on it immediately shot off somewhere leaving you with lots of shots of twigs.Great fun though.

Some so so pics attached.Click on them to enlarge. 

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Quantum Tiger said...

Lovely shots - I particularly like the first one. Glad you got the shot - I was trying to get a better goldcrest shot on Saturday but was unable to get a clear angle. They move so darn fast!