Saturday, 14 February 2009

Draycote Water trip Friday 13th. February.

The sun was out at last so this fair weather birder deciced to shoot over to Draycote Water for the first time in ages.

Decided to head down the Farborough Bank and immediately noticed thay only one other person was on the bank.I soon found out why I was alone because there was a bitterly cold wind blowing straight down the bank into my face and I'm certain there were razor blades in the wind.It only took a few minutes for my thermals to be penetrated.

Not an awful lot to shoot but I did spot a Little Grebe that had caught a fish that seemed much to large for it to eat but it managed it.I found the Red-necked Grebe but the damned thing remained 30 metres off the bank and refused to come any closer for a decent shot which was a shame as it seems it's plumage is beginning to change.

Missed getting a shot of a Kestrel that flew right over my head but did get a shot of a Cormorant that had just had a mohican hair cut.

Click on the pics to get a larger version.Hope the pics are OK as I'm editing them on a laptop and if you move your head you can change the brightness of the shot on the screen.What a bummer.If they are crap when viewed on a monitor let me know please.   

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