Thursday, 5 February 2009

A drive round the local lanes on 4th. February 2009.

On Wednesday afternoon,although there had been a snowfall in the morning,the sun was shining so I bravely decided to have a drive round the local country lanes to see if I could get some shots of any birds that were about.

Headed Lapworth way and soon came across some Redwings and Song Thrushes on a lawned bank which came pretty close to me as I was in the car.Soon after I located some Jays but I'm blowed if the darned things would let me get close.

Found the very pale Common Buzzard in the same tree I'd seen it before and although it was distant did get some shots off.

A lay bye on the lane that runs along the canal near Chadwick End proved a good place to stop as there were good views of Fieldfares and Song Thrushes that were feeding near a berry tree.Also a very stange Duck made an appearance on the canal.A new species?A King Mallard?

CLICK on the pics to see a larger shot.

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