Saturday, 21 February 2009

Hams Hall visit on Thursday 19th.February 2009

Flushed with success at getting some shots of the Black Redstart at Coleshill I made the short trip to the Hams Hall site.I'd never been there before but found it easily having got some good instuctions.

For those who have not been there it's a small area of trees and shrubs around a small bridge that spans a warm water stream from a nearby sewage works.The first thing I noticed was the sheer number of birds flying around which besides the more common birds included Grey Wagtails,Chiffchaffs and Goldcrests.

I was after the Goldcrests as I can never get a decent shot of one and it was while I was tracking what I thought was one  when it turned out to be the Firecrest that had been seen there.What a bit of luck.I managed to rattle off a few pics.

Good place I must go again.

Click on the pics for a bigger version.

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