Saturday, 21 February 2009

Trip to Coleshill on Thursday 19th.February 2009.

Desparate  after dipping out on Wednesday I raced over to see the Black Redstart on the wasteland site in Coleshill  on Thursday morning.

Got there at 9.00AM and joined a couple of other birders who had been looking for it for an hour without any luck.After a quick chat I lifted up my bins and immediately spotted it as it fluttered down onto a pile of rubble.YIPPEEE !!!!!!! A life tick.

Surprisingly these other two birders then departed and I had the bird to myself for the next hour.As others who have seen it have said it is a very accomodating bird and as I crouched behind a timber pallet it came within 4 metres.Even when I had to stand up to relieve the screaming pain in my legs it did not fly off.If only all birds were like this.

Click on the pics for a larger version.  

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