Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A visit to Brandon Marsh on Wednesday 11th. February 2009.

As I am a self confessed fair weather birder I hadn't been out birding  to a local reserve for several days due to the awful weather so deciding to chance it I went to Brandon Marsh this morning hoping it wouldn't be too flooded.

The drive to Brandon from Knowle is usually pretty easy but not this morning because I kept on meeting road closed signs and had to make several diversions.Even the A46 was snarled up.

The path to the Baldwin hide etc. was badly flooded so no searching for the Bittern.The paths to the West Marsh hide and to the Wright hide were very muddy but passable but you are lucky to see anything from these hides (at least I do not have much luck).

As you would expect in these conditions I didn't see much and hardly took any shots.Best spots were 20+ Siskins,2 Lesser Redpolls,7 Common Snipe,1 Common Buzzard and 2 Shellducks.Best of all was briefly spotting a Woodcock flying very fast through the woods (ID by another birder as it was a very brief view for me).

It started to rain at lunchtime so I changed into wimp mode and went home.  

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