Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Visit to Cannock Chase for the Hawfinch.

Went to the Freda's Grave feeding station on Cannock Chase on Tuesday morning to try and get a pic. of the Hawfinch.Never been there before so I was pleased to find the place very quickly and also get a good parking spot for taking shots.This was down to good directions from Pete Walkden and Dave Hutton.

Unfortuneately that's where the good news ended because I didn't get a glimpse of the Hawfinch despite a 4 hour stint in the car.I was forced to leave just after 2.00PM as there was a good chance deep vein thrombosis was setting in.

It wasn't all bad news because it is a good spot to get shots of Yellowhammers,CoalTits,Willow Tits,Nuthatches etc.  

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Quantum Tiger said...

Great photos as ever. Love the long-tailed tit (but then I have soft spot for them anyway!)