Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Another Coleshill trip.

The weatherman said it would be sunny in the morning then rain/sleet in the afternoon.If I was going out today it had better be in the morning so I went to Coleshill to see if the Black Redstart was still about.

Got there to find the place deserted but I need not have worried it turned up after 10 minutes although a little distant.It remained far off until I was joined by two birders,a photographer and a chap with a video camera when it must have thought it had a decent audience now because it flew over for a photoshoot.What a bloody poser!!!!!! Thank goodness.

A visit afterwards to Hams Hall was dissapointing because not only did I dip for the first time on the Firecrest but I did not see a Goldcrest or a Chiffchaff.

On the way home I checked out the river and railway bridges at Lea Marston but failed to see any Curlews.

I then raced home to avoid the forecast rain/sleet which of course didn't turn up. 

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