Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Great morning at Draycote Water.

Went to Draycote Water this morning primarily to get a shot of the RN Grebe as it is now wearing its summer clothing.

It was calm but a little cloudy when I got there and I soon found the RN Grebe.It was way out off the Toft bank but soon as it recognised me on the bank it steadily swam over for it's photoshoot.As it got nearer a couple of fishing boats turned up (don't you love them) and it remained just out of decent pic. range but I still took loads of shots because it looked so good.

Earlier on I'd met Kevin (Hippo) and he was going to Toft bay to see if the Green-winged Teal was still about so as I made my way there I met up with Dave Hutton and Richard Dawkins who were also after it.Poor Dave  was suffering badly with the flies that were about and I'm sure that  his hair gel was driving them into a sexual frenzy. 

The Green-winged Teal was still there.Yipppeeee!!! a life tick.It showed well on occasions but was very mobile and it got in a few punch ups with the other Teals.

On the way back to the centre Kevin spotted a great looking male Wheatear ( first of the year for me) on the grass bank.A bit mobile for decent pics but I got a few.

On the drive home a Common Buzzard flew close alongside of the car for 100 metres.A wonderful site but very distracting when you are driving.

Click on the pics for a bigger version.   

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