Thursday, 19 March 2009

Off to the Chilterns for the Red Kites.

Having failed badly last week trying to get some shots of the Goshawks at the Forest of Dean I went down to a place I'd not been to before Watlington Hill which is only a few miles from J6 on the M40 where I was told Red Kites can be seen.

Got there at 10.30AM ,parked up and walked through the woods on to the hilltop common.What a fabulous spot mind you the fine weather helped.It's a nice place to visit even if there were no Red Kites with fabulous views all round.

What about the Red Kites : The sky was full of them I counted 20+ at any one time some of them high in the sky.Allthough I walked all along the common the best plan is to find a good spot and wait for them to ghost by you sometimes they come down to ground level and pass pretty close .What I liked there is no food left out there so the birds are seen "in the wild" as it were.  

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Quantum Tiger said...

Some great flight shots there of a beautiful bird. Well done...