Saturday, 14 March 2009

Visit to the Forest of Dean for the Goshawks (Friday 13th.March 2009.).

Having heard that the weather forecast for the Forest of Dean area would be "Dry with high cloud and light winds" I thought I'd go there to try and see the Goshawks at the New Fancy viewpoint.

I'd never been before so I was pleased to get to the right area in not much over an hour.That was the good news the bad news was that my friend the weatherman had cocked things up again and the clouds were so low I was actually in them and there was a steady drizzle falling.Not ideal weather for birding and certainly not good for Goshawks.

Went first to the arboretum car park near Speech house.Very good place for woodland birds but didn't see the Hawfinch seen the day before.Hopeless for any pics weather far too gloomy.Then went to the area called Boys Grave (strange name!) because a Great Grey Shrike had been reported there recently but didn't see any other birders and didn't see the Shrike but again very good for woodland birds.I did stalk an Owl for 15 minutes but when I finally got close enough for a pic. it turned out to be a load of dead leaves on a branch.What a burk!!!!!

The drizzle was still falling when I got to the New Fancy watchpoint so I parked near the feeding station and joined some other birders waiting for a Hawfinch to turn up.It didn't but a Nuthatch entertained us and better still some Bramblings also paid a visit( the only ones I've seen this winter).

After lunch the drizzle had stopped so I climbed up to the viewpoint (my god what a climb for an old goat like me).Super view over the forest and well worth a visit.Thanks to some other birders with powerfuf scopes I did managed to see some Goshawks (life tick)but they were a long way off.I stayed there for over an hour and joined in the spotting but everytime I called one out it always turned out to be Buzzard which were there in large numbers.Also a few Ravens could be seen.

No pics of the Goshawks so failure there but did get one or two pics of the commoner birds seen.

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