Monday, 30 March 2009

Visits to Marsh Lane and Brandon Marsh.

On Sunday morning I popped down to Marsh Lane.It was nice to find that the wind had dropped and the sun was shining allthough it was still a bit chilly.Best birds seen included a lone Little Ringed Plover,3 Ringed Plovers,a lone Chiffchaff,several Redshanks some of which were being very romantic,a couple of Oystercatchers,4 Sandmartins,a pair of Shellducks and 20+ Common Snipe.

On Monday morning I went across to Brandon Marsh to find it a bit dull but not too cold.Decided to have another go at getting  my first shot of the year of a Cettis Warbler so I headed to Cettis Corner where I was soon joined by Bob Duckhouse.I hope he did better than me because allthough I had several views the darned things were in very shy mode and kept well hidden leaving me with loads of shots of twigs.Did have a bit better luck with a Chiffchaff but they are masters at getting at least one twig between them and your lens.Saw a Little Ringed Plover from the Wright hide but the islands are too far away at Brandon to get a decent pic unless you have a lens as big as a small cannon.There were a few Swallows flying round my first of the year>

A few pics attached.Click on them for a bigger version.   

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