Monday, 9 March 2009

Waxwings at Tile Hill.

I never go out birding if there is a strong wind blowing as it tends to be a waste of time.However this morning when some Waxwings had been seen at Tile Hill station which is not far from me I shot over there strong wind or not.

I did not know where to go when I got there and I could see no birders so it was sheer luck that I stumbled upon them very near the entrance to the platforms in an apple tree.I reckon there was at least 12 and they were so busy feeding you could get very close to them.In fact I got too close and ruined quite a lot of the shots I took.What a burk!!!!!

Great looking birds and nice to see them in the sun.

They were still there at 10.00AM and the apples looked like they would last for some time yet.

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Coppertop said...

Great photo! I saw a flock here in Maine again this morning after winter berries (2nd time and larger flock) but another cloudy day, not good for picture taking and their stay was very brief!