Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter Monday trip round local sites.

Having been trapped indoors with the family yesterday I was keen to go out on Easter Monday so I set off pretty early to Coton Lakes to see if the Black-necked Grebes were still there.

I had not got a clue how to get better views of the birds on the balancing lake so I was just about to give up when a knight in shining armour or rather in a silver Skoda turned up.Pete Walkden who knew exactly where to go.After going through a  secret passage we were able to walk round the lake and soon find all four of the BN Grebes on the far side.

Just as we began to take some "record only shots" tradgedy struck.Pete's Canon 40D camera was reporting the dreaded "err 99".When your camera reports this message you've got 3 choices (1)Remove the lenses and throw the camera in the lake (2) Throw yourself in the lake and (3)Take out another mortgage and get it repaired.I've got a 40D and worry all the time.

I left with Pete and I went off to Whitacre Heath.Spent a couple of hours in the feeder hide where 40+ Lesser Redpolls were present  plus a lone Willow Tit and an occasional GS Woodpecker.I told the other two people in the hide that the Mealy Redpolls reported the day before were not amongst the Lesser Redpolls we were looking at however when I posted the shot (above) of the two Redpolls on the net I was informed that they are Mealy Redpolls.What a clown!!!!!!!

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