Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Looking for Hobbies at Brandon Marsh.

Popped out birding for the first time for a few days today.Well the weather was nice!!!!

Headed for Brandon Marsh where for the first hour I took on the Cetti's Warblers again and not for the first time I lost badly and only got one half decent shot.They are either getting quicker or I am slowing up!!!!!Did get a reasonable shot of a Sedge Warbler but failed to do any good with the Common and Lesser Whitethroats or the Garden Warblers that were singing out.

Headed to the Carlton Hide to see if any Hobbies were about.There was one in the dead tree to the right of the hide but it only stayed for a few minutes while I was there before flying off west.It made only one pass anywhere near the hide but I managed a few shots.

Later teamed up with Jeff Rankin and Kath but we didn't find anything of note.We did test our skills from the Baldwin Hide trying to get decent shots of the Common Terns flying around.I hope their shots were better than mine but I did get some good shots of the sky.

Click on the pics to enlarge. 

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