Saturday, 25 April 2009

Trip to Brandon Marsh.

On Friday morning I went over to Brandon to get some shots of anything that might be around.My hopes were dashed a bit when I arrived to find a pretty strong breeze blowing.

This proved to be the case as everything seemed to be keeping a low profile out of the wind.I watched a Sedge Warbler singing out trying to climb up a reed but being blown off it's perch.Even the Whitethroats were singing out hidden well in the brambles.I was a bit surprised to see that a pair of GS Woodpeckers were setting up home very close to the main path in the woods again this year.

I had my usual loosing battles with the Cetti's Warblers and got a slightly better shot this time but still pretty poor.A couple of good spots were a lone Swift and a couple of Garden Warblers.

Best spot of the day was seeing the first Hobby of the year that was flying around at high level over the Newlands.Got some shots but none any good.Far too high up but very nice to see them back.

A few pics attached.Click on them for a larger version. 

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