Saturday, 2 May 2009

Cannock Chase.

Early on saturday morning I went to Cannock Chase.

Parked at the Seven Springs car park and did the walk to the Stepping Stones my main target was to get a decent shot of a male Redstart and if I could get a good shot of a Tree Pipit  and see a Wood Warbler and a Pied Flycatcher as well that would be very good indeed.

How did I get on? Pretty poorly as it turned out.Started well when I soon found a Tree Pipit and managed to get a decent shot but things went downhill after that.I did locate a male Redstart near the Stepping Stones  and what a cracking looking bird it was but in an hour of following it around the miserable so and so stayed very high in some Alders and I was unable to get even a few crappographs.

I did not see a Pied Flycatcher or a Wood Warbler despite searching for ages.

I must go again soon because I think I might have gone too early in the month for the Redstarts.

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