Sunday, 10 May 2009

Marsh Lane Visit.

Went to Marsh Lane early this morning and how nice it was that the wind had dropped and it was sunny and warm.

The best spot for seeing birds was the brambled area at the back of the Railway hide which was very lively with several Warblers showing well.Also a pair of Bullfinches paid a visit and a Kestrel decided to do some hunting close to the hide.

A Cuckoo was present and,although when it landed it was a fair way off,it flew past a couple of times pretty close but too fast for me to get a shot off.

Having got my first decent shots of a Garden Warbler earlier in the week after trying for ages to get one in the open one was waiting for me at the entrance road gate singing it's heart out right in the open.

Best fun although very frustrating was an hour long battle to get a shot of a Lesser Whitethroat that was singing out from deep in the bushes on the Old Road.These chaps are skulking so and so's but I managed a shot in the end.My first half decent shot of this bird.

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