Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Marsh Lane Visit.

Fed up with staying in lately because of this poor weather I headed off to Marsh Lane after lunch despite the weather still being very poor.My plan was to stay on the Old Road near the car (so I could jump in it quickly if there was a sudden downpour) and search for the Lesser Whitethroat in the spot I heard one on my last visit.

Luck was with me because I found one within a few seconds of locking the main gate.Also the sun came out and my little friend actually came out in the open for a few seconds allowing me to rattle off a few shots.

I then  decided to have a quick look round the reserve dodging the showers.Unfortunately I got distracted by a Sedge Warbler allowing the mother of all showers to creep up on me and soak me to the skin.

Click on the pics for a larger version.

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