Thursday, 14 May 2009

Morning trip to Marsh Lane.

Although it was very gloomy this morning it was dry and not windy so I headed to Marsh Lane after breakfast.It was still dull when I got there so not good for getting decent shots.

The Garden Warbler was on it's branch near the main entrance gate singing it's heart out as usual.I went along the old road to try and find the Lesser Whitethroat again but had no luck and didn't even hear it singing out.

In the reserve I had a Cuckoo fly over the carpark pool but only managed a crappograph.A couple of Reed Warblers gave me a tough time from the causeway screen as they skitted about in the reeds often coming close enough to touch but could I get a decent shot?No way they were far too quick for me.

I think I got some distant shots of a White Wagtail from the Oak hide but I'm not certain it was one I find them hard to ID from Pied Wagtails.What do you think?

By far the best spot of the morning was a Little Tern from the Oak hide mid morning.I believe that there has only been four previously recorded here.Unfortuneately the gloomy conditions and the distance away the bird was resulted in record purposes only shots.

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