Monday, 25 May 2009

A Visit to the Arden Falconry at Hanbury.

After the visit to the Wyre Forest I did a detour and called in at the Jenney Ring craft centre at Hanbury where the Arden Falconry is based.It's well worth a visit at anytime as their Owls,Falcons and Hawks etc. are on display all the time but at least twice a day they take some of them out for a fly round.

On Saturday afternoon first out was a Saker Falcon which as soon as it was released it disappeared in the direction of the Malvern hills but after what seemed an age it returned.Next out was a Harris Hawk and later on a European Eagle Owl (this was not allowed to fly around which was a good job as it was massive and would have scared me to death).

Well worth a visit.

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