Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Wind Problems.

I did not learn the lesson of yesterday when an afternoon visit to Marsh Lane was ruined by the very strong wind which caused all the birds to keep a low profile or in other words nothing was showing.So what did I do this morning I foolishly went to Brandon Marsh knowing the wind was as strong as yesterday.What a burk!!!!!!

There was plenty of movement and lots of singing but was anything showing?Of course not.The only joy I had with the camera was with a lone Sedge Warbler who tried his best to battle with the wind but it was a loosing battle and a Willow Warbler who bravely sang out on the top of a Hawthorn as the wind whipped the branch violently.How he hung on was a mystery.

I tried again to get a half decent shot of one of the many Swifts that were zooming about but all I ended up with some pretty decent shots of a blue sky.

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