Friday, 12 June 2009

Nice morning so off to Brandon Marsh.

Very nice weather this morning so off I went to Brandon Marsh.It was very warm,bright and with little wind when I got there.

Often when the weather is great and ideal for getting decent shots you find there are no birds about to point the camera at and so it proved today but it was very pleasant to walk round.

Other than watching a couple of Sedge Warblers gathering food for their young I saw very little of note until just before lunchtime when a couple of Hobbies turned up and started hawking over the East Marsh pool.As luck would have it they stayed the other side of the pool to me and never gave me a chance of getting a decent shot.

After lunch I headed to the Carlton hide with fingers crossed that they were still about.Luckily one was perched in the dead tree and the other was hawking over the Newlands.I didn't have many chances to rattle off some shots as the one in the dead tree only rarely came out off it's perch and the other was happy to hunt high up in the sky.Got one decent shot but that's all.

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