Monday, 1 June 2009

Suffolk Trip - Day 2

Decided today to spend all day at Minsmere.It turned out to be a good choice regards seeing birds but not such a good choice for getting decent shots as everything seemed to be distant or with the sun behind them.For some reason I mess up far more shots when it's a very sunny day.

Headed for the Bittern hide first but it was very quiet there so I soon headed off to the Island Mere hide which was much better with Marsh Hariers,Bearded Tits,Bitterns (3 all distant fly byes), Cetti's Sedge and Reed Warblers all showing well but either too quick or too distant for decent pics.It was whilst I was in this hide feeling pretty smug and thinking of my mates back home seeing nothing as good as this when my bird text alert went off and I read "Woodchat Shrike from the Carlton hide at Brandon marsh".Suddenly I was no longer smug.What a great bird to see or in my case to miss.

Later on I walked along the north bank where I saw 2 more Bitterns again distant flybyes.The walk along the beach was a bit disappointing I only saw some Stonechats and some Linnets when usually there is lots to see in the dunes.The East hide was pretty good with Avocets,Black and Bar Tailed Godwits etc. close to the hide but there was nothing special about.There was a bit of excitement close to the hide when a Gull swooped down and grabbed a chick and all hell broke loose.

Didn't see anything special on the walk back to the centre except when I was watching the Swallows flying into the sluice where they were nesting a Redshank flew in and landed right next to me on the wall I was leaning on.I had to walk back quite a long way to get a shot.

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