Monday, 1 June 2009

Suffolk Trip - Day 3

Left the B&B after breakfast and headed back to the A14 which I left at Bury St.Edmunds as I was breaking the journey home with a visit to Lakenheath to see the Golden Orioles.

Before I reached Lakenheath I called in at a small bit of heathland (just before the B1112 meets the A1065) where you have a very good chance of seeing Stone Curlews.I have visited this spot several times and have always seen one and today was no different as I saw six scattered around the heath.They were a bit far off but who cares they are great birds.

Parked up at Lakenheath and soon met a couple of birders on the main path who told me where to go to see the Orioles.What they didn't tell me how far I was going to have to walk (it was over 4 kilometres).There were several birders on the main path approx.50 metres from the poplars where a pair were nesting high up in one of the poplars.The nest was well in the foliage and it was pretty gloomy in there but you could just see the female on the nest and the male who flew in a few times to relieve her.A pic. of the nest is above and if you try hard you can just make out one of the birds on the nest.

I then looped round back to the centre going via the viewing point.I had walked over 8 kilometres which is a whole months waking for me and to make it worse I did not see anything of interest at all other than the Orioles.Not very impressed with Lakenheath.

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