Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Some recent local trips.

I'd love to post some decent shots but recent visits to Draycote Water,Marsh Lane (twice) and Brandon Marsh have been very disappointing with very little around to point the lens at.The only interesting shot I have taken at Marsh Lane was of some Golden Plover having just missed the Mandarin Duck.

On Monday morning I was in the River Pool hide on my own patiently waiting for a Greenshank to come nearer and nearly dozing off when all hell broke loose.The whole hide started to shake violently and there was a loud banging noise outside.An earthquake???? No it was what I'd forgotten.It was half term.Four young children charged into the hide followed by grandad.I attempted to be friendly but when I pointed out the Greenshank to him he replied "WE're not interested in birds".I left immediately.

Desperate to use the camera I started to take some garden bird shots on Wednesday morning even though the weather was crap for taking pics.

This morning my sleep was disturbed by a lager lout.How bad is that!!!!!

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