Friday, 27 November 2009

A couple of local very cold trips.

On Thursday afternoon I popped down to Marsh Lane.It was a bit gloomy but not raining for a change but the killer was the wind which was bitterly cold.I think I'm going to have to upgrade Marsh Lane to Ice Station status as it is often very cold there when surrounding areas are not too bad.The poor man's Draycote Water which is one of the coldest places on earth.

Didn't see anything of note at Ice Station Marsh Lane the best being at least 25 Common Snipe on the car park pool and a Peregrine fly through.

The sun was shining on Friday morning and the wind had died down in Knowle so I shot off to Ice Station Draycote.Went to Toft where it was no surprise to find a bitterly cold wind blowing.

Soon spotted the Green-winged Teal from the hide but the miserable so and so was the furthest bird away and didn't move an inch in an hour's stay.So still no GWT shot this year.Best spot was when the Toft Kestrel turned up near the picnic area and I managed to get a few shots off with the new camera (which I am struggling with at the moment and need the practice).

At lunchtime I met up with Bob and Francoise for a coffee in the Centre and they had seen the GND but it was a long way off and a few Goosanders by the inlet.So not a lot around.

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