Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A Foggy Day at Draycote.

Flushed with the success of finding the Purple Sandpiper at Draycote last Friday I decided to go over there again on Monday morning.When I left Knowle it was a fairly bright morning but when I started my walk round to the inlet a fog had descended over the pond and you could see nothing past the shoreline.

Met up with Francoise and Bob at the inlet having seen nothing at all but at least Bob pointed out the Yellow-legged Gull which was on the inlet beach.

After we had a drink at the Centre the fog had lifted a bit so we decided to walk along the Farborough Bank where Bob found the Great Northern Diver which annoyingly stayed several miles away in the centre of the pond.Other birds seen through the gloom along the walk to Toft were some Goldeneye and a pair of Goosanders.

Some crappographs below all taken through the gloom or in the case of the GND at great distance but good to see it.

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