Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A frustrating morning at Ice Station Draycote.

The sun was out for a change so on Tuesday morning I dashed over to Ice Station Draycote the main aim being to get some shots of the Green-winged Teal.

When I got there the wind was howling across the pond,the water was very choppy and when I got in the hide at Toft the waves crashing onto the shore were so big I was a little surprised there were no surfers there.

So how did I get on with getting shots of the GWT.Absolutely crap!!!! It was there OK about 40 metres in front of the hide but the miserable so and so hid for ages behind one of the dead bushes on the shore with several of his mates feeding in the shoreline foam.It flew off once but when it came back the damn thing went back to the same spot behind the dead bush.When it did venture onto the water it of course went away from the hide into the choppy water.

I do not like staying in hides for too long as I think I am missing something good elsewhere but I stayed in the hide that morning for 2 1/2 hours.In that amount of time I could have flown to Majorca,booked into a hotel and been sitting by the pool chatting up loads of women (well looking at them).All my shots were crappographs an example below.Not too bothered as last year's bird was much more accommodating.

Whilst waiting for the GWT to show itself I witnessed a murder on the foreshore.A Crow attacked a Gull which must have been injured because it didn't put up much of a fight and finally killed it.I know it's nature but I wanted to leave the hide and rescue it.

As I left the site things improved as I got a glimpse of the Merlin that others had seen earlier.

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Kevin Groocock said...

Tempted to say "Murder most Fowl" but it was a Gull!!!!