Thursday, 3 December 2009

A losing encounter with a Peregrine.

Keen to get some practice with the new camera,which is badly needed,I shot over to Marsh Lane yesterday lunchtime.I had hoped that the gloomy weather would brighten up but if anything it got worse when I got there and there was some drizzle around.

This was a shame as the old road was on good form again with loads of Yellowhammers,Redwings and Fieldfares showing very well but the gloomy conditions were hopeless for getting decent pics.

Giving up with the road I entered the car park hide to find the pools with masses of birds there but nothing other than the usual suspects that I could find.After a 30 minute stay things suddenly livened up when everything took to the air and a Peregrine zoomed into view.It selected a Lapwing out and chased it round the pool for ages but the Lapwing it had chosen must have been the local flying champion because the Peregrine did not catch it.

It stayed around for half an hour always suddenly appearing from nowhere before zooming off into the distance.The best was when it shot across the front of the hide at low level.I went out the hide to try for some shots but I could not see where it had gone and just as I was about to go back in the hide it flew off from a nearby tree.What a bummer.It was posing right near me and I did not see it!!!!

I did get some crappographs but it was shame the weather was so bad as it was the first time I'd seen one when I had a camera.

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