Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A morning out with the camera.

After some early morning shopping I dashed over to Marsh lane on Tuesday morning to take advantage of the bright sunny conditions and try out the new camera again.As soon as I found some Yellowhammers along the old road the bloody sun went in and it clouded over.

It was no good for taking decent shots now so I had to go into the reserve and do some birdwatching.How bad is that!!!!

Luckily I met up with Kath in the Oak hide to chat to because there was not much around other than a couple of Common Snipe and a very furtive Water Rail that showed itself often on the marsh but for only a split second each time.

Back home at lunchtime I was able to continue my battle with the pair of Blackcaps that visit regularly and which turned up again today but as usual they appear only when it's dull and it's a struggle to get a decent shot.


Kevin Groocock said...

I know what you mean with sun - I had problems today at Coombe! Nice images, though. What has the female Blackcap done to its head - a new style or been bashed by a twig?

Max Silverman said...

Hi Kevin,
I don't care what camera and lens you've got unless the conditions are decent you won't get good shots!!!! Also you've got to have your camera settings right.At the moment I'm struggling with both!!!!