Monday, 19 August 2019


As I'd not posted anything for a while now I thought I'd better post something if only to prove I'm still around.

There was a good reason for the lack of posts the whole family was hit by the Noravirus this despite living in different houses.My youngest son got it first it was going round his office then his wife so we all stayed well away.The wife and I got it from their 1 year old son who we look after every Friday. I seemed to get it worse then the others being violently sick for a couple of days never being able to be too far from the loo. 

So what birding I've done has been remarkable because of the lack of birds around.Some of the places I visit were almost birdless.Here are a few so so shots of birds I took in a overspill car park in Temple Balsall.Nothing special and no decent shots but I was pleased to see a Common Whitethroat  and a few Swallows.