Sunday, 26 May 2019


Having seen a Spotted Flycatcher only too briefly at Baddesley Clinton the day before Saturday morning saw me checking out the house roof again as soon as they opened. Unfortunately despite being very patient I had no luck at all.

Before I left I had a quick look round and my recent luck with getting shots of Grey Wagtails continued here as well.I saw this bird sitting on some fencing near the house but I wasn't sure what it was. 

Moving position I found out that it was a young Grey Wagtail.From then on for several minutes more came into range and I was able to get some more decent shots.

This chap sat on the main house roof for quite a while.I tried very hard to turn it into a Rock Dove but failed of course well we are a long way from seaside cliffs.I was surprised to see it ringed which for me was unusual for a Feral Pigeon.

Saturday, 25 May 2019


Being a Fairweather birder and with the weather this last week being pretty decent I went out with the camera to a few of my local places hoping to see some decent birds to photograph.

A couple more shots of the Grey Wagtails I found at Hatton Locks.

I was pleasantly surprised when on a visit to an old friend in Hatton  and having a coffee in her back garden I spotted quite a few House Martins nesting in the eaves of her and her neighbour's houses.I grabbed the camera to get some shots.The trouble was they were flying around so fast I struggled to get any shots so I had to settle for this.

At Baddesley Clinton NT property I had some success.I got my first decent shot of a Blackcap this year. 

The roof of the main house proved a good spot.Two smart Pied Wagtails showed well.

Also on the house roof from the inner courtyard I managed some decent shots of the only two Swallows on site.Usually there are dozens there.

Followers of this blog (if there are any left) know I love Spotted Flycatchers and chase them up every Summer. Baddesley Clinton has been pretty reliable for them but even so I was very pleased to see one on the main house roof.That was the good news the bad was I couldn't get close because as I moved forward a van drove up and workmen piled out to repair the moat bank.The bird flew off and I did not relocate.This distant shot was all I got.

Friday, 17 May 2019


Been out locally a few times in the great weather but have struggled to find any decent birds to photograph.Visits to Brueton Park NR ,Packwood House NT , Earlswood Lakes and Baddesley Clinton NT have been very disappointing all very quiet.

Particularly worrying is that several local spots that use to have loads of Swallows visiting for the Summer have either non at all or just the odd bird.

Did have some success.Another shot of the Long-tailed Tits that visit the back garden.This one was a little damp from the rain that was falling. 

Did manage my first shots of the year of a Blackcap. This one unfortunately picked a gloomy spot to finally land and sing out but great to see.

Yesterday morning I went to Hatton Locks for a walk round. No Swallows here as well but the morning was saved when I found a pair of Grey Wagtails busily finding food for their chicks. 

Thursday, 9 May 2019


A bit cold out there for this Fairweatherbirder so I've been restricted mainly into taken pics of birds visiting the back garden feeders where the shortbread has proved a big attraction.

Among the usual suspects visiting the feeders was this Magpie that seems to have a cross bill.

A couple of Greenfiches also have been visiting the feeders which are the first seen there for a long time now.

The undoubted stars of the birds visiting the feeders have got to be a pair of Long-tailed Tits.

Have been out a couple of times but didn't stay out too long.At Baddesley Clinton NT it was very quiet and the only shots were of a Grey Heron which soon flew off as I tried to get close.

At Brueton Park it was also very quiet but I did find a Nuthatch's nest high up in a tree.Managed a few shots.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019


The sunshine was back Tuesday morning so after a visit to Sainsbury's for some shopping I grabbed the camera and went looking for some birds.

Thought I'd past one of the pair of Robins that are nesting in my back garden in some ivy just below a statue.First bird to nest in my garden for a long time. 

Back to Tuesday morning I went the couple of miles to Brueton Park (Also known as Crufts Park due to the number of dogs there). Went straight to the reserve at the back of the cafe.It was a lovely morning so I must have done well then ? No I'm afraid the place was dead and the only shot I took was of a Yellow-bellied Slider.

Feeling pretty grumpy I soon left but luckily took the path back to the CP alongside the lake because I was very surprised to see a cracking male Goosander cruising about.Always struggle to get a decent shot of these chaps it's the contrast between the dark head and white body.Here are some samples of how I cock things up. 

I was surprised to find it sunny again the morning so I went over to NT Baddesley Clinton.Things started well I heard a Cuckoo calling while in the car park and got my first of the year but no keeper shots of a Blackcap. After that things went right downhill and I never saw anything.