Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Went over to Marsh Lane again this morning.It was still cold and a bit gloomy but the cold wind had died right down.

Struggled a bit to find decent birds to shoot but managed a few of a Cormorant and an Oystercatcher.

Then I had a bit of luck in the Oak hide when I spotted an adult Med Gull straightaway among the BH Gulls.I was a bit chuffed because I rarely find decent birds myself and this was my first Med Gull of the year.Only found out when checking the shots on the laptop that the bird was ringed.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Much against my better judgement (a strong cold wind was blowing) I headed off to the local patch Marsh Lane again this morning.In fairness I did have to go out in any case to pick up a parcel.

Stayed there for well over an hour got very cold and didn't see very much.The day was saved by a pair of Goosanders on the CP pool.Marsh Lane is good for Goosanders in the winter but what was different this morning was that for a change they were close to the hide.I've never seen them this close here before.

At first the pair were resting on an island.

After a fair wait they stood up and moved around a bit.

They then entered the water and started to cruise a bit closer.

Just as they threatened to come close they both flew off.No keepers as it was a bit gloomy but very nice to see them  fairly close.

Saturday, 17 February 2018


On Friday morning I popped over to Marsh Lane again.It was sunny but very cold with a fair bit of ice on the water.

When in the Oak hide a Little Egret landed on one of the islands.

After a while it flew closer and landed in the marsh to the right of the hide and spent a while feeding there.

As I head back to the car park I spotted a Kestrel high up in a tree on the stream line.

Before I left and headed home to get warm I had a go at getting some more shots of some Bramblings. I soon found a couple but they remained feeding with the Linnets low down on the ground at the edge of the crop field.You can just see one in this shot.

Also at the edge of the crop field I managed a shot of the Linnet Bush.

Thursday, 15 February 2018


Popped over to Marsh Lane my local patch again this morning  getting there just before 9.30 AM.The sun was shining and at the start there was only a breeze blowing but quite quickly a pretty cold wind got up.

Didn't see much to point the camera at until I spotted 4 Oystercatchers on the RW pool pretty close to the Oak hide.My first of the year. 

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


It was sunny yesterday morning so despite the heavy frost I shot over to Marsh Lane again getting there at 9.30 AM.It was still sunny but very cold with plenty of ice on the water.

Luckily in the CP hide an eagle eyed birder (Martin) spotted yesterday's Ruddy Shellduck way off in the distance the other side of the river on the flood pane.It was with an Egyptian Goose. 

Moving on to keep warm I  spotted a Cetti's Warbler in the N Causeway hide but it soon dived into the reeds not to be seen again.A Reed Bunting was the only other bird there braving the cold.

Again I had some luck because when I dropped into the River hide both the Egyptian Goose and the Ruddy Shellduck had crossed the river and were not too far away on the western bank of the CP pool.

Thursday, 8 February 2018


Considering I am very much a fair weather birder I have no idea why yesterday morning I went to my local patch Marsh Lane when it was obvious to all it was very cold.

Got there at 9.30 AM to find no one else was stupid enough to come down.It was sunny but bitterly cold.I warmed up a little when I spotted a nice male Brambling on the CP feeder bushes.Pity about the twigs.

From then on it was a struggle to find any birds to point the camera at.They were sensible and keeping out of the cold.Found a lone Common Gull on the RW pool.

Quite quickly the call of a hot cup of coffee at home was becoming irresistible so off I set to the CP. On route I did spot a Wren and wondered how this little chap seemed oblivious to the cold and there was me well layered up and freezing cold.

Did spot a Egyptian Goose way off in the distance on the CP pool.