Tuesday, 29 March 2016


This wimp was very brave this morning because despite yet again having a bad back I got in the car and went over to Marsh Lane.Luckily for me I bumped into Kath Everitt in the car park and she rode shotgun as I hobbled down to Oak hide.

We were both surprised to find it very cold in the hide with a bitter wind whistling in.We soon established that the only show in town was the long staying Med. Gull and a Jack Snipe well hidden but close to the hide in the marsh.

As I was getting some more long distance shots of the Med. Gull .John sitting next to me found a second Med. Gull.Although they were only a couple of metres from each other they did not make contact and one of them soon flew off.The second shot below shows a different bird (well I think it does the wings still have some black showing ??).

I did manage a decent shot of one of the Med. Gulls which I'm pleased with as it was a long way off and it was in a bad mood.

The pair of Great Crested Grebes were doing their mating dance but it didn't last long.Too cold ? ?

Saw my first Sand Martins of the year on the CP pool but they didn't stay long.Couldn't resist getting some crappographs.

Saturday, 26 March 2016


For the first time in quite a while the weather yesterday was sunny so a bit earlier than usual I headed over to Marsh Lane.

The only decent bird I found on the CP pool other than 5 Goosanders which were far too distant for shots was a nice looking Herring Gull. 


In front of the Oak hide a Cormorant was fishing.It looked very good in the morning sunshine.

The Med Gull was still on the RW pool but annoyingly despite flying around a lot during my two hour stay never ever landed anywhere near the hide.Got a few distant shots.

The Ruff was also still on the RW pool.It's been around now for over a week.If anything it was more annoying than the Med. Gull because every time it threatened to come close to the hide when feeding it stopped and went back the way it had come.This happened many times.I had to move into swearing mode several times.Did get a few shots though.   

A Peregrine suddenly appeared high above the RW pool and I managed a few shots.No keepers but very nice to see.

Thursday, 24 March 2016


There has been a Ruff at Marsh Lane for a few days now but until yesterday I'd not been able to get a decent shot.Luckily it was on the island in front of the CP hide yesterday and despite it being pretty gloomy I managed some better shots as it came into range of my lens. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Went down to check out  my local patch again on Tuesday morning.

Yet again the Ruff on the RW pool would not come into range for me so still have not got a decent shot.Did manage some distant flight shots though.

The Med. Gull had been on the RW pool again but had flown off before I got into the hide however about an hour later it turned up again.

Also on site were a Cetti's Warbler a pair of Goosanders and the Ringed Plover plus several Redshanks and Oystercatchers.The Redshanks were still very frisky.

Monday, 21 March 2016


When I arrived at Marsh Lane not long after 9.30 AM this morning I was still a bit traumatized after my visit to Sainsburys where I managed to choose a rogue shopping trolley that swerved without warning to the left.Had several collisions.

It also didn't help to improve my mood when the sunny and quite warm weather in Knowle when I set out had become gloomy and pretty cold.

The Ruff was still on the RW pool but despite waiting patiently it never came close so I've still not got a decent shot.

There were 2 Jack Snipes in the marsh but were well hidden so not so good then.Luckily for me however Graham came into the hide and spotted an adult Med. Gull sleeping .Having missed the one on Saturday I was very pleased to catch up with this one.

It was being harassed constantly by the damn BH Gulls so it was very mobile but it never came close enough for a decent shot but very nice to see.Managed some heavily cropped shots.

Mr and Mrs Shellduck cruised past the front of the Oak hide.

Tipped off that a couple of Chiffchaffs were along the old road not far from CP gate I had a quick look and was lucky to find one of them.Got my first shot of one this year.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


I had not planned to go out with the camera yesterday far too gloomy and cold for me but when I heard that an adult Med Gull was on the RW pool I grabbed an early lunch and drove over to Marsh Lane.

When I entered the Oak hide I was given the bad news that the Med Gull had flown off.After a bit my fellow birders left and I was on my own in the hide and it was very gloomy and very cold.Oh Dear a disaster then.No I'm pleased to say because there was a Ruff ,a Ringed Plover ,a Dunlin on site and a well hidden Jack Snipe in the marsh. 

A Common Snipe came pretty close in the marsh. 

The Jack Snipe who apparently had remained well hidden all morning suddenly woke up and started to come in the open.I reckon it had got jealous when I started to take shots of the Common Snipe and decided to get some shots taken.It came very close but the grass at the edge of the marsh prevented a clear view being had most of the time.First time I'd seen one in the open for quite a while now.

The Dunlin and the Ringed Plover remained far off all the time I was there but the Ruff was more mobile and came a bit closer.Pity it was so gloomy.