Saturday, 30 March 2019


It was very pleasant Thursday morning so in line with my current birding plans to go locally I drove the couple of miles to Brueton Park again.

I was surprised to find a lone female Goosander on the main pool.

I soon went through the cafe to the small reserve.Along the main path a Nuthatch showed briefly before flying off.

I headed off to the top end of the reserve hoping the Goldcrests would be showing better than they did last time.They were thank goodness.Cracking birds. 

There were 3 Goosanders on the small pond a male and two females.A third female flew in which was the one presumably from the main pond.

Just as I was thinking of heading home I got involved in a merry dance with a Chiffchaff. Merry dances require energy and stamina things I no longer possess but I'd not yet got a shot of one so far this Spring.The tactics the bird used were to sing high up in a tree then fly a long way off and sing again from another tall tree.It took me half an hour to get some shots and get completely knackered.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019


After some shopping at Sainsbury's in Dorridge I drove the few miles to the NT property at Baddesley Clinton on Tuesday morning.Got there just after 9.30 AM and just as the early morning sunshine faded.
I should not have been too worried about the overcast conditions because what luck that was going went my way.

In the wooded area to the North of the pond a Nuthatch I'd been trying to get some shots of and doing no good at all suddenly dropped down onto a tree stump about 5 metres away.Managed some of my best shots of these lovely birds.

After my good luck with the Nuthatch I headed over to where a Treecreeper had shown well last week but on the way there I managed some shots of a Song Thrush that was hiding in gloom.

Had to be a bit patient when I got to the Treecreeper tree but it did show well eventually and I managed some decent shots.


On Monday morning I drove the couple of miles over to Brueton Park again.It was quite bright but a bit chilly.

I heard my first Chiffchaff  of the Spring in the wooded area alongside the main pool but it was very hard to see so no shots.The pair of Hybrid Whooper Swans was on the main pool again.

On the pond in the cafe reserve was this Terrapin which I believe is a Yellow-bellied Slider.

There were 4 Goosanders on the pond (One male and three females). As usual they were hard to get decent shots but managed a few.

The very friendly Goldcrest from last week was not so friendly and hardly showed at all.

A Common Buzzard flew high over just as I was leaving.

Saturday, 23 March 2019


These days I am going out with the camera to very local places not known as birding spots but are pleasant to walk round and then only when the weather is OK.

On Wednesday morning I popped over to Brueton Park.The main lake was pretty quiet except for a large Dobberman (not on a lead of course) that checked me out but didn't decide to bite me and a pair of large Gulls that I hoped were Yellow Legged but were LBB Gulls.

In the small reserve through through the cafe I did very well.Things got off to a good start when I met a stunning blonde photographer at the top end who was unfortunately after insects and not birds so we did not team up.Story of my life ! ! !

I soon cheered up because I found a cracking Goldcrest which for the hour I was there did not stop singing.Great birds.

I had further luck on the small pond because I thought nothing was there at first but just about glimpsed a couple of female Goosanders that were hiding among the low branches at the  edge of the pond.

On Thursday morning I popped over to the NT property at Baddesley Clinton.The early morning sunshine soon disappeared and I struggled to see much to point the camera at.

I heard and saw a few Nuthatches but they were high in the trees so no shots except this so so shot of one on the ground.  

Did have some luck with a Treecreeper. I spotted it on a tree close to the path but just as I was getting some shots it disappeared right in front of my eyes.Only when it re appeared again right in front of my eyes did I realize it was making a nest.Here are some shots of it with nesting material.

Monday, 18 March 2019


Still very much in hibernating mode so have not ventured out with the camera since my last post.This is pretty sad really because it wasn't too many years ago I would travel all over the country at all times of the year to photograph birds but slowly the distance I'm prepared to go has reduced steadily to now only very local places.Tip for any remaining followers of this blog : Don't get old.

Have prevented the camera from rusting up by taking some shots of birds visiting my garden feeders. The weather hasn't helped but the birds visiting the garden in the winter these last couple of years has diminished greatly with no Bramblings, Siskins or Repolls seen.

The best visitor was a single brief visit from a male Blackcap. A couple of Coal Tits visit often but stay so no time at all so are hard to get a shot of.Here are a few shots some taken through the double galazed windows though due to the strong winds.