Saturday, 12 October 2019


Visitors to my back garden have only just started to show up again this last week the previous few months have been very disappointing with hardly any birds showing except for my arch enemies the pair of Woodpigeon. Here are a few shots of some of the birds that have returned the best so far being a pair of Coal Tits and a lone Long-tailed Tit.

I did pop over to my local patch just the once last week but with Autumn now settling in it's not such an attractive place for this fair weather birder. Mind you a decent bird showing up would change things. All I managed was a few shots of one of my old friends.

Thursday, 3 October 2019


The sun was shining last Wednesday morning so I popped over to what is my local patch these days the grounds of the NT property at Baddesley Clinton. 

It was the first time this Autumn that I had been cold when out and about with the camera but at least it was sunny.As usual it was hard to find any birds to point the camera at but I did spot a Pied Wagtail on the roof of the main house.

In the trees and bushes alongside the lake I had a battle royal with my good friends the Goldcrests. There was lots of swearing and shouting as the little devils disappeared  just as I got them into focus.On occasions they were only a few feet away.Great fun. Here are a few shots of my better efforts.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019


The excellent weather last week encouraged me to go to my local patch (Baddesley Clinton NT) three times as usual getting there just as they opened the doors to the grounds.

Like everywhere else locally it's not easy to find birds to photograph but it's such a nice spot in the sunshine it doesn't matter too much.Here are a couple of shots both taken round the lake.

On the birding front I didn't do to well considering I made three visits. This Wren came to check me out when I arrived in the car park. 

This Bluetit was sunning itself on a hedge line.

Had my usual battles with the resident Goldcrests but I didn't do too well. I don't know whether I'm getting slower or they are getting faster. I suspect the former. This is all I could get.

Best by far for me was on Friday when resting on a bridge by the lake a Nuthatch landed very close looking for some food.

Monday, 16 September 2019


Been out a couple of times since my last post and then only because the sun was shining.I went on both occasions to what is my local patch these days the grounds of the NT property at Baddesley Clinton.

As I've said before the grounds round the house are excellent and if I get there early I have them to myself.Here are some shots taken last Saturday with my phone.

On the birding front it's like most places these days hard work.The number of birds about has reduced a lot in recent years.Other than Spotted Flycatchers that have nested there for years (not this year though) I have seen nothing remotely rare so it's a good job it's a pleasant walk.

Here are few shots taken there last week.Nothing special although I'm pleased with the Grey Wagtail shots as they were taken in a very gloomy spot at the end of the lake.

Friday, 6 September 2019


Not been out that much since my last post but having filled up with paracetamol (backache) on a couple of mornings this week I went over to the grounds of the NT property at Baddesley Clinton.

If I get there early I have the grounds to myself for at least an hour until the plebs arrive and if it's nice weather it can be very pleasant wandering round trying to get some shots.

I had a losing battle with a couple of Coal Tits but they wouldn't let me get any decent shots. 

The Swallows have nearly all gone now but I did get this shot of what I think is a juvenile looking apprehensive about his flight to S Africa.

Managed a shot through a bench of a Green Woodpecker.

Caught this Blue Tit after an early morning bath

The best bird I found was this Chiffchaff hidden deep inside a tree.

There were loads of Nuthatches about but the only shots I managed were of this one feeding upside down. 

A Robin like all other Robins was very friendly.

Caught this Wren sunning himself.

Had my usual enjoyable battles with the Goldcrests but I could not manage any keepers.