Saturday, 17 November 2018


Since my last post on Tuesday I have been out with the camera a few times but have failed everywhere I have been to find any birds worth pointing the camera at.

Yesterday whilst relaxing in the conservatory I heard some loud squawking. A Jay was perched high up in a neighbour's tree.I grabbed the camera opened the back door and grabbed a few shots before it flew off.

Pleased how the new camera performed.It was dull and a light drizzle was falling and the Jay was 30 metres away.  

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Went to Marsh Lane again this morning getting there at 9.00 AM.It was bright and sunny and not too cold.

All the action took place in front of Oak hide.A Kingfisher was in front of the hide on the reeds about 10 m away.The trouble was it was on the other side of the reeds and getting a shot was a right game.This is all I and the the others were managing.

When it caught a fish it flew a little to the left and perched on the end of the fence rail.It was nearer now but instead of reeds undergrowth was in the way and the light was poor.

It then landed on the front of the nearest island.At last it was in the open but a bit further away.

Because the camera kept focusing on the reeds and not the bird I tried manual focusing and did much better.

I even managed a couple of decent shots of it on the fencing rail.

Whilst all the fun and games with the KF was going on a Green Sandpiper paid a short visit.

Monday, 12 November 2018


Been down to my local patch Marsh Lane a couple of times since my last post but it has been hard work finding anything new.The best spot was today when a Kingfisher landed on the island in front of Oak hide.A bit distant but nice to see.


Things have improved a bit since I moved one of the feeder stations nearer to a tree.The local Bird Feeder Council have upgraded my feeders from Disastrous to Poor.

Best visitors have been a pair of Coal Tits.The Goldfinches that visit ignore the Niger Seed feeder an go for the Sunflower hearts so some more wasted money there.A  Jay made a short visit and I managed a shot through the double glazing.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Went over to Marsh Lane yesterday getting there at just after 9.00 AM.The weather was quite pleasant but a little gloomy but at least it was not cold.

It was pretty hard work finding some decent birds.I missed the Green Sandpipers but caught up with the Whooper Swan on the CP pool.

Called in again to the CP hide just before I left and spotted 5 Goosanders. Struggled to get any decent shots as they remained a fair way off but always nice to see.

Had another go at taking videos with the new camera but didn't do too well.Here is a compilation that I would not have posted as it's not too clever but the last section is amusing.The Goosanders suddenly flying off took me by surprise and as I tried to track them as they flew by I collided with the corner post of the hide.

Monday, 5 November 2018


Been down to Marsh Lane a couple of times since the last blog.The work to the RW pool islands was complete by this morning.It's looking very good now hope we get more waders and far less of those BH Gulls. 

This morning on the CP pool there were 5 Herring Gulls the odd Common Gull and the GBB Gull.

The overgrown are to the front of Oak hide has also been cut back and was already attracting a few birds this morning including this Pied Wagtail.

Best of all this morning was a Whooper Swan on the CP pool

Monday, 29 October 2018


Went to Marsh Lane early this morning and my godfathers it was cold there at 8.00 AM.My heavy duty thermals were penetrated after only a few minutes.

Went straight to the RW hide to check on the progress of the earthworks on the islands.I was impressed the excavator could not have been on site long but it had made a hell of a lot of progress reducing the height of the levels on the first island.

It was poor on the birding front.Well it was till I saw this Jack Snipe along one of the channels in front of the N Causeway hide.So impressed with the videos this new camera can produce.

Click enlarge button in bottom RH corner

Saturday, 27 October 2018


Would not have gone over to Marsh Lane on Friday morning but I had been asked to get some shots of the RW pool islands before the excavators move in on Monday.It was bright when I got there but a chilly wind was blowing.I soon had the place to myself. 

Here is just one of the shots of the RW pool taken that morning.

Thought I'd post a few shots of the area of the RW pool in front of the River hide that has been so good lately with the lower water levels.There has been a Kingfisher, 8 Little Egrets, 5 Green Sandpipers, 2 Water Rails and the Great White Egret as well as the usual suspects on show there all pretty close.

There were 8 Little Egrets there again that morning my record for the site and 5 Green Sandpipers.

Just as I was about to leave this character turned up from rail bridge area on the other side of the river.The Egrets and the Sandpipers and everything else flew off from the RW pool.A few minutes later as our friend wandered along the river and came into view from the CP pool the many hundreds of birds there took off and left the reserve.I bet there were only a handful of birds left on the site.What a tosser ! ! !