Thursday, 28 September 2017


Been down to Marsh Lane the local patch a couple of times since the excitement of seeing the Little Stint on Tuesday but things have been very quiet so few shots to post.

Did have a bit if success in the N Causeway hide where a Little Grebe was having some luck in catching it's breakfast.

A Water Rail also showed very briefly.It was so close that I was lucky to focus on it. 

After that despite staying for a couple of hours I did not need to use the camera again.I did have some success without knowing it for certain when I was in the oak hide for a last look before leaving I thought I saw a Little Stint very briefly in flight.It was a long way off so I dismissed it as wishful thinking but much later near lunchtime I heard that it had been seen by a couple of birders.

Here is a shot I took earlier of a Little Stint.Much earlier in fact on 18th September 2010 at Titchwell.This will have to do I'm afraid.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Having had a bad run with the camera at my local patch Marsh Lane lately it was great to do much better there this morning and this despite it being gloomy and quite misty.

Got my first Meadow Pipit shots for a few years when along the path to the RW hide Ben Dolan the ringer put me onto a flock of 30+ that settled down on the newly mown grass bank.


A bit earlier on I was surprised when John Hunt in the Oak hide put me on to the Little Stint that had stayed on overnight for it's second day.That was the good news the bad was that it stayed a long way off and when it did get a bit closer the reeds in front of the hide got in the way.There was a lot of swearing but great to see at the local patch.

It was good to see some of the returning ducks showing again.A pair of Wigeon cruised nearby.

Saturday, 16 September 2017


Been down to my local patch Marsh Lane 3 times last week but have struggled to find anything even a bit exciting to get shots of for this blog.I've been down there when it was very windy when it was sunny and when it was raining but had no luck at all.Nothing has worked.

The only shots I've managed were of a Water Rail and a Common Buzzard in the week and of a Little Egret (one of three) and of a Common Snipe (one of three) this morning in gloomy drizzle.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Went over to Marsh Lane again this morning getting there just after 8.00 AM hoping to enjoy a bit of sunshine before the cloud arrived.

Had a bit of fun in the N causeway hide when for about 5 minutes a pair of Kingfishers flew around the reeds sometimes coming extremely close to the hide.They never perched unfortunately but great to see so close.

I was surprised to find the Greenshank was still on the CP pool although this time it was a bit further away well to the left of the left hand island.  

A couple of Little Grebes were in front of the N causeway hide.Was a bit worried what one of them had hanging from it's beak.

Again a Water Rail was showing well for quite a while in front of the same hide.

There were 3 Little Egrets in front of the CP hide for once quite close together.

I promised myself not to try for any more Swift shots but again I could not resist.Here are my best shots.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Hadn't done too well on my last few visits to my local patch Marsh Lane but did much better this morning.

On the car park feeders a Great Spotted Woodpecker was busy feeding and didn't fly off when I parked nearby.

As I entered the CP hide a couple of friends (John H and Glen G) already there had found a Greenshank and kindly put me onto it. Hadn't seen one for a couple of years and the best wader for me here since the three Bar-tailed Godwits in the spring.

For a while the Greenshank fed alongside a Common Snipe which was my first for a few months.

In the reeds in front of the N Causeway hide a young Water Rail was having a good preen in the morning sunshine.

Friday, 1 September 2017