Thursday, 28 June 2018


Now we are well into the birding doldrum months it's not surprising I am struggling to get any decent birding shots locally.Despite going out several times in all this heat the only shots I've managed were of a Blackcap and the Marsh Lane Whooper Swan.

Usually at this time of year I satisfy my desire to get some decent bird shots by going after Hobbies and Spotted Flycatchers both cracking Summer visitors that you can find locally at this time of year.However not this time of year for me.I haven't been able to find any Spotted Flycatchers at any of my usual safe local spots and I haven't even seen let alone shoot a Hobby.

To cheer myself up I've posted some shots taken a year or two ago.These Hobby shots were taken all locally.

Here are a few of my favourite Spotted Flycatcher shots again all taken locally.

Saturday, 23 June 2018


Forget the World Cup the best match so far last week was not football but was at 7.30 AM yesterday morning in the car park at Marsh Lane when I took on a dozen Swifts as they zoomed around the car park pool. 

Conditions were ideal.It was sunny and there was a breeze blowing that if you are lucky slows the Swifts down to less that 100 mph when they turn into it.

They were around for about half an hour before they suddenly flew off.During that time I was able to rattle off loads of shots most of which were blank sky or blurred blob shots.

When I go after Swift shots there is always loads of swearing and back pain with all the twisting round you have to do.I nearly fell over a few times when they flew right over my head.

Among all the crappographs I did manage some pretty decent ones.

This last shot is not one of the better ones but with a bit more luck (or perhaps more skill) it could have been a cracker just as the bird was taking a fly. 

Saturday, 16 June 2018


Went over to Marsh Lane a couple of times this week and as we are now in the bad period for birding |I was not expecting to see much.

On Monday morning I had the place to myself and as expected I didn't use the camera much.Did get a decent shot of a Reed Warbler though. 

On the CP pool it was nice to see quite a few Common Tern chicks some of them showing recently added rings.

Went down there again early Friday morning.There were 6 Swifts whizzing around the CP pool and I couldn't resist trying for some shots.What a game that is.Among the masses of blank sky shots I managed a couple of recognizable ones. 

Got a couple of decent shots of a Reed Warbler on the reeds in front of the N Causeway hide.


There were 4 Common Redshanks on the CP pool.Two of them obligingly liked to fly round the CP  hide. 

One of the Redshanks landed on the fencing just to the back of the hide.It was very close.

Just before I left I called in again to the CP hide but this time right by the door 2 bouncers were on guard. 

The ringers had recently ringed some of the Tern chicks and the lone Oystercatcher chick.A bit distant but I managed some shots

Saturday, 9 June 2018


Still struggling not only with a painful back but finding decent birds locally.

I hobbled round Baddesley Clinton NT property on Thursday trying to find some Spotted Flycatchers but none were showing at the two places I found them last year.In fact it was a struggle to find any birds to point the camera at.All I got were shots of these two chaps both on the roof of the main house. 

In the field by the church there were a few House Martins racing round.They were too quick for me so I got a lot of blurred shots.These were my best efforts.

A quick visit Friday lunchtime to Marsh Lane failed to find any new birds.Did  OK though with some shots of a Reed Warbler from the N Causeway hide.

There lots of Tern Chicks on the CP pool main island and they continue to show interest in the Tern boxes that Ben Dolan erected earlier in the year.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


Not been out and about as much as I would have liked since my last post because after some gardening on Saturday afternoon I yet again got a herniated disc.I have to hobble around for a couple of days leaning to the right and swearing a lot to get rid of the pain.

Took this shot at Baddesley Clinton on Wednesday after failing to find any Spotted Flycatchers.It seems that this Swallow was already planning it's flight back to Africa.

A Saturday morning visit to Marsh Lane (pre disc trouble) found the place pretty quiet.The Whooper Swan was on the CP pool and a Little Grebe was catching breakfast by the N Causeway hide.

I hobbled down there again this morning having got fed up staying in all day.There were a couple of LR Plovers on the CP pool.

In the marsh a Common Redshank showed well.

A Great Crested Grebe drifted by the front of Oak hide.

A Tern chick seemed to like Ben Dolan's bungalows on the CP pool islands.