Thursday, 28 July 2016


I popped over again to Baddesley Clinton last Monday morning to have another look at the Spotted Flycatchers.I cannot keep away from these chaps they are wonderful entertainers and so accommodating.

This shot is probably the best shot I took all week.I got it while I was sitting down near some gravestones and it came so close I could have touched it.I think they must have got use to me and often came very close. 

This is a shot taken when two of the chicks had not fledged.Taken from distance and heavily cropped but you can see the two chicks and how cramped the nest was.

I was lucky enough the get quite a few shots showing what they had caught but I think this is the only one showing a wasp/bee.

Of all the shots I took and I took loads this is the only one I took showing both the adults in the same shot.

The adults were very busy keeping the nest clean.They had to do this several times an hour.

There were other birds around including a couple of young Chiffchaffs and up to 3 Nuthatches which showed off their going downhill trick.


I went down to Marsh Lane lunchtime on Wednesday hoping that the Great White Egret that showed so well on the reed bed pool earlier in the week would show up again.

After a long wait in the reed bed pool hide everything was very quiet and no sign of the GWE which was probably on a tour of it's favourite midland haunts.I then left the hide and had a walk round.I saw a lone Common Sandpiper on the RW pool and 4 Little Egrets on the gravel bar near the river hide.

However the excitement for the day occurred as I was half way down the path from the oak hide when I heard an alarm call and all the Lapwings went up from the RW pool.Whenever this happens I hardly ever spot what has caused it but I was lucky for once and spotted a Peregrine flying sorties round the RW pool.Managed some decent shots.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


I had just got back home yesterday afternoon from yet another visit to see the Spotted Flycatchers when I received a twitter post " Great White Egret at Marsh Lane" with a full head shot of the bird.It had been posted by Dave Hutton from whom I gleaned it had been on the reedbed pool.Right I thought I must go for this.

Like a fool I had not asked when it had been seen so when I got to the CP and saw the place was empty I assumed I had missed it and again was too late.However just as I picked up my camera look what flew over my head heading to the reedbed pool.I went from depressed mode to panic mode in a split second but luckily got some shots.

I raced down to the reedbed pool hide (alright I ambled down to the hide) and there it was showing at the back of the pool.I took a few shots but as I was engrossed in texting the news out when I looked again it had gone.

Half an hour later after a walk round when I checked in the hide again Danny was there and he had no luck so I decided to leave.Luckily for me just as I was getting in the car Danny had raced back and said it was on show again.It had not left but had been out of site to right of the hide.It was a lot closer this time.Thanks Danny.

Only ones I'd seen before were at distance at Shapwick Heath so I was able to get some decent shots.

Whilst getting shots of the GW Egret this chap showed very briefly in front of the hide and I managed a shot as it flew off.

Sunday, 24 July 2016


It was very entertaining watching the Spotted Flycatchers catching flying insects to feed their chicks.What great fliers they are and what eyesight they must have.

Here are a few shots where hopefully you can see what they were catching.


Whilst the Spotted Flycatchers were doing their stuff at the local spot I found them at early last week I had a go at getting some flight shots and my god was it hard.They dart around so quickly I took loads of crappographs but did manage a few half decent ones among the rubbish.

Thursday, 21 July 2016


Went again this morning to see the Spotted Flycatchers this time showing a couple of tog friends where to go.Relieved they were still about even if they did not show quite as well as the day before.

Managed some decent shots although as usual with me I struggle with shots in bright sunshine.I hardly ever manage to get the EC correct.Who cares though wonderful birds to watch in action their fly catching skills are amazing.

Here are some of my better shots.

Didn't do so well with attempted flight shots.Too fast for me.


I very rarely find a decent bird myself I usually go and get some shots of a bird someone else has found.On Wednesday morning I had one of these rare moments and I found a decent bird. 

Just for a change I decided to go over to the NT property at Baddesley Clinton and have a walk round the grounds with the camera.I am a member and it's only a short drive so I go there quite a lot but to be quite honest I very rarely do any good there but it is a pleasant walk round.

When I walked into the churchyard I saw a bird drop onto the fencing but a quick scan showed it was a young Robin.I had just finished saying to myself "Pity it wasn't a Spotted Flycatcher" when this chap dropped down onto a gravestone. 

I was chuffed to bits because Spotted Flycatchers are one of my favourite birds and without the help of Nick Barlow last month I would not have been able to get any shots this year.However this one was better because I had found it.

To cut a long story short I settled down on a bench that was in the shade and watched these cracking birds for a couple of hours doing their stuff.Cracking birds.

I think it's safe to post shots of the nest area as the chicks will have fledged by now.The amazing thing was that the nest was behind a joint in a RWP in the corner of a stone wall.I would not have thought there was enough room.