Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Been down to my local patch Marsh Lane a couple of times since my last post but both visits did not produce anything to get me excited.

An early Saturday afternoon visit was a waste of time with nothing new found.Did find a Common Sandpiper but it was a long way off.

Went over there again early in the morning yesterday hoping the fall of waders reported at other local reserves on Sunday would be repeated at Marsh Lane.The morning did not start well when I had to make a long detour because there was a flood across the road at Temple Balsall.

The fall of waders had missed Marsh Lane I'm afraid and it was pretty quiet.The Common Redshank ringed in Chichester Harbour was again on site.

The only other shots taken were slightly better ones so far this year of a Reed Warbler.

Thursday, 24 May 2018


Had no intention of going out today out today but when a text arrived telling me a Turnstone was on the CP pool at Marsh Lane I grabbed the camera and shot over there.I think it was my first one down at my local patch.

You've guessed it there was good and bad news.The good was it was still there.The bad it was always distant and often out of site so no keepers but great to see.It was a cracking bird.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Been down to Marsh Lane a couple of times since last post and over to Charlecote Park chasing up a sighting reported of a Spotted Flycatcher.

At Charlecote yesterday I failed to find the Spotted Flycatcher.In fact the only birds I saw were a Song Thrush and some Swallows.That's the fifth place I been to to see Spotted Flycatchers this year and all have drawn a blank.Oh Dear ! !

Back at the local patch it was pretty quiet last Saturday lunchtime.These are the only shots I managed.

Things were much better today as a pair of Garganey had been spotted on the RW pool.I managed to get there at lunchtime.There was good and bad news as usual.The good they were still there.The bad was they stayed a long way off.No decent shots but great to see. 

Saw this dragonfly along the causeway.I think it's a Four Spotted Chaser.

Sunday, 20 May 2018


Still very much in wimp mode following a virus infection I struggled over to Marsh Lane Saturday afternoon.It was sunny and warm but that's where the good news ended because it was very quiet down there.

Started off well though in the CP hide where the Whooper Swan which usually spends the day off somewhere else was showing quite well. 

Managed my first shots of the year of a Reed Warbler but no keepers as it kept well down in the reeds.

On the RW pool the only interesting action was a pair of Mute Swans had the equivalent of a Swan cage fight.It was pretty tough stuff that went on for the best part of half an hour.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Despite still very much in Wimp mode after a viral infection I have been out and about a few times but have really struggled to find any decent birds to point the camera at.

Three visits to Marsh Lane all in very nice weather have been very disappointing with nothing except the usual suspects found.The only time I used the camera was when this Sedge Warbler showed briefly.

I've also visited 3 of the sites where I've previously found one of my favourite Summer visitors Spotted Flycatchers but have drawn a blank.Whilst at Baddesley Clinton though I did spot a Grey Wagtail at the edge of the house moat so my visit there was not a total loss.

It often flew out to catch an insect and I managed some flight shots.

Thursday, 10 May 2018


Not been out much lately as I've been hit by a virus.Started last Friday with a sore throat quickly followed by a cough so bad it's usually associated with aging coal miners.

Like a fool I couldn't resist the sunshine on Monday morning and went down to Marsh Lane.I didn't stay long as I felt pretty grim and I soon found out you cannot take shots if you are coughing.There was nothing new around.Like an even bigger fool I went down again on Tuesday morning and stayed even shorter there as I still felt grim and again it was very quiet.

The only shots I managed were of a Common Tern coming back with breakfast for it's mate and of a LBB Gull being chased by it's mates after the food (a chick I think) it had caught.

Woke up yesterday morning to find I'd gone deaf in my right ear.The doctor told me the virus had now infected my ear.Whilst waiting for my prescription to be dealt with at the chemists in Knowle I popped into the churchyard to look for Goldcrests.

Luckily I found one straightaway in a Larch tree that over the years Goldcrests have liked.Good job I saw one so quickly because I usually find them by their call but as one ear was out of action I could not hear in stereo and therefore could not locate their position.

Got a few shots even though the bird favoured the inside of the tree most of the time.No keepers but as usual great fun even with one ear trying to get shots.

Thursday, 3 May 2018


Made a big mistake on Wednesday when I went to Marsh Lane lunchtime thinking the rain was over.It wasn't and I got soaked.

Did manage a few Med Gull flight shots.

A Lapwing was looking after her chicks in front of oak hide.

Went down again early this morning getting there at 8.00 AM.The weather was much brighter.Got a shot of an adult Med Gull.

Ben Dolan the ringer was on site and he had caught a Grasshopper Warbler so as soon as I heard I raced back to the car park.Well they are one of my favourite birds.Here are a few shots now all I've got to do is get one "in the wild".

I don't often find birds myself but I did this morning when I found my first Wheatear of the year on the crop field.It started off a long way off and went even further away.No decent shots then but great to find one.

Ended up in the CP hide trying for Common Tern flight shots.