Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I've been down to Marsh Lane a couple of times since my last blog looking for migrants.This morning I got there early and joined Brian  and Glen in the CP hide not long after 7.00 AM.It was sunny but extremely cold with a strong breeze whistling through the flaps.

Had only been in the hide a couple of minutes when I spotted a Med Gull on one of the islands.Actually I spotted it the same time as Glen but I have seniority and have claimed it as my find.Mind you it was Glen who said it was a first summer bird.

Other birds photographed on the two days :-



Garden Warbler

3 Little Egrets

A Sand Martin (flight shot attempt)


Willow Warbler

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Went to Marsh Lane again this morning getting there at 7.30 AM hoping the overnight rain had brought something decent in.It had  Brian had found a pair of Ruffs on the CP pool.

They were on one of the islands a bit too distant for my lens but nice to see.After rattling off a few shots I went off to the other pool to see what was there but when I got as far as the northern causeway hide I noticed the Ruffs had flown over to the CP hide.I raced back and managed a few decent shots as they fed on the grassed area near the hide.

I also managed a few flight shots but none of them too clever.

I eventually made it to the Oak hide and had an Arctic Tern pointed out to me.It was a long way off but very nice to see.

After a while it flew off and I managed a few shots which I hope are of the Arctic Tern.

Saturday, 25 April 2015


Decided on Friday morning on a very early start and went down to Marsh Lane getting there at 7.15 AM.It was a cracking morning with bright skies and a very light breeze.

I had the place to myself and when I checked out the islands on the CP pool I thought I'd made a great find when I spotted a pair of Med. Gulls. However I later found they had been seen the day before.Very nice to see though.

It wasn't long before the BH Gulls started to have a go at them and despite me shouting at them they scared off the Med. Gulls.

I had a very pleasant walk round for the next hour and managed some decent shots of a few Warblers and of a Linnet.

Back in the Oak hide much later I spotted the Med Gulls again sitting on a distant island.Yet again those damn BH Gulls were having a go at them.

On the way back to the car park I called in the north causeway hide and was very lucky to get my best shots so far this year of a very obliging Sedge Warbler.

Friday, 24 April 2015


On Thursday morning having done a lot of birding the last few days I was feeling knackered so I decided to have a day resting.This was soon dashed when I noticed several library books I had were due back that day or heavy fines would ensue.On the way home having paid a visit to Solihull library and as it was on my way home I paid a visit to Brueton Park.

Having been tipped off by Kat Everitt that there was a Heron's nest with chicks there I thought I'd get a few shots.I must say the three chicks were incredibly noisy and constantly harassed Mom (or Dad).

Instead of going home straightaway I got lured into getting shots of birds nearby including a Coal Tit,a Blackcap and a Jay that visited each waste bin looking for some tit bits.

I eventually went home and although very tired I somehow got involved with some gardening cutting down a dead bush.Completely knackered and slumped down in a chair after a bite of lunch I was about to nod off when a text arrived " A Little Gull showing well on CP pool at Marsh Lane".

Having never seen one in Summer plumage I dragged myself off to Marsh Lane.Thanks to Graham I got onto it as it flew round the CP pool.I then had a text from Andy who said he'd got "The Little Gull on the RW pool" Blimey there must be two ! ! The second one soon joined the one on the CP pool.

Cracking looking Gull but a devil to get a decent shot of because their head is all black incl. face , beak and eyes.Here are my best shots. 

They both flew around a lot so I had to try for some flight shots but my god did I struggle.Managed loads of crappographs.These are my best so you can tell how bad the ones were that I discarded.