Tuesday, 31 July 2018


Shot over to Marsh Lane again this morning hoping that the rain earlier had brought something decent in.It hadn't in fact I did really poorly for the first hour not using the camera once despite walking round the whole site.

Things got much better in and near the N Causeway hide.First I got some so so shots of a young Blackcap. 

Then the Reed Warblers put on a show but you had to be quick.

Also from the same hide what I thought was a Cetti's Warbler appeared in one of the channels.Others aren't convinced it is one.

Then suddenly and very briefly an adult Water Rail showed.

Back in the CP hide again before I left a Green Sandpiper landed not close enough unfortunately but great to see.

Monday, 30 July 2018


Despite the gloomy conditions this morning I went to Marsh Lane getting there at just before 9.00 AM.The only other birders there were unsurprisingly Brian Harris and John Hunt and they told me nothing new had shown up.

On the CP pool there were a Green Sandpiper , a Common Sandpiper and a Common Snipe all distant.There were also 3 Little Egrets but they were well hidden in the undergrowth.Only shots possible were of the Common Sandpiper.

Spent a fair bit of time in the N Causeway hide.A juvenile Water Rail was far too quick for me and all the Reed Warblers on show would not stay still for long.

Called in at the dragonfly pond  as I left to try and see a Green Sandpiper seen there earlier.Despite being in full stealth mode I could not get close enough for a decent shot but nice to see.

Saturday, 28 July 2018


As Friday was going to be the last day before the rains come I thought I'd better go out with the camera but where to go was the problem.Decided to play safe and go to Baddesley Clinton where I can get into position for the Spotted Flycatchers less than 15 minutes after leaving home.

As soon as I got there I saw that things were different it was very quiet when usually the adults are continually flying in and out of the nest.Could the chicks have fledged ? If so the chances of seeing the birds are very slim.

Here are a couple of shots where the birds were seen and I got all my shots.

In a 45 minutes stay I only saw one once and that was high up in the trees.These are the only shots I managed.This Summer's Spotted Flycatcher season may be over.Not complaining it has been very enjoyable.

I then received a text from John Hunt  "Black Tailed Godwit on CP pool at Marsh Lane" . Five minutes later I was leaving the NT car park heading over to Marsh Lane but just as I'd opened the main gates when I got there I received another text " Don't bother it's flown off " Don't you love it when that happens.

As expected Marsh Lane was very quiet the only shot I took was of a juvenile Shelduck .

Thursday, 26 July 2018


Been out a few times this week in the heat with the camera but I've been going out early getting home by not long after 10.00 AM to avoid the worse of the heat.

Went to Marsh Lane on Tuesday getting there not long after 7.30 AM and it was pretty hot by then. Didn't stay long and the only success I had was with a distant Common Sandpiper on the CP pool.

Been to Baddesley Clinton a couple of times hoping the Spotted Flycatchers chicks had fledged but they hadn't by Wednesday. Couldn't resist taking some more shots.

I think they were feeling the heat as well because got some shots of this one after a bath in the stream.

Saturday, 21 July 2018


I must apologize to my blog followers (both of them) for posting more Spotted Flycatcher shots but I cannot resist them they are one of my favourite summer visitors.Also at this time of year they are often the only show in town.

This pair are in the grounds of the NT property at Baddesley Clinton which is very expensive to get in unless you are a member.They are my favourite ones because I found them way back in June.

I always get in the grounds as soon as they open the doors at 9.00 AM and never see anyone else in that spot till late morning.They are in a lovely spot near a stream however it's great for birders but not so good for photographers where the dappled light can cause problems getting decent shots.

Here are some shots from last Saturday morning.

Friday, 20 July 2018


Like a fool I went to Marsh Lane early this morning again which is not a good idea at this time of year if you want to see anything decent.As usual  Brian Harris was the only other birder there.We usually have the place to ourselves at the moment.

Caught the Whooper Swan doing Pilates.

Best success I had was again from the N Causeway hide. Reed Bunting , Reed Warbler one bird was ringed and a I think a Chiffchaff.

Also from the N Causeway hide a Water Rail was in posing in the open mood and showed very well for at least 15 minutes.

A quick final check on the CP pool produced a Dunlin but it was so far away I think it was near the border with Worcestershire.

Thursday, 19 July 2018


On Wednesday morning for the third day on the trot I went over to Marsh Lane.Bit silly really at this time of year when birding is in the doldrums.

Only success I had was from the N Causeway hide where in the channels I had a Song Thrush and an adult and juvenile Water Rail. 

Keen to go somewhere other than Marsh Lane this morning I went to the NT property at Baddesley Clinton to see if any Spotted Flycatchers were showing any better than last time (very poorly) which was a week ago now.

As soon as I got to the spot by the stream inside the grounds I saw two of them hawking for flies.Stayed for an hour and had continuous views.Managed some decent shots despite the area being in dappled sunshine.

Almost managed some flight shots but not quite.