Monday, 3 August 2009

Marsh Lane visit.

Surprise surprise Sunday morning was dry and the sun was out so I popped across to Marsh Lane to see if anything was about to point the camera at.

Luckily a friend was already there and he was photographing butterflies on the banks round the car park.Normally I wouldn't bother taking shots of butterflies but he is a bit of an expert and he made it very interesting and pointed out some great looking ones.There were loads of them about including at least 40 Painted Ladies and some Common Blues.I must get into butterflies!!!!!

A quick walk around showed both the main pools had masses of birds on them but nothing of note that I could see.No waders were seen.

The best place was the causeway where the Linnet family showed well,several Reed Warblers were about and a lone Goldcrest that landed close to me but soon shot off.Best spot was a quick view of a Water Rail with two very young chicks (another brood???) from the northern causeway screen annoyingly too close for my lens.God knows how many Water Rails are on the reserve now as to my knowledge two pairs have had 8 chicks.

Some butterfly shots above.

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steve seal said...

Hi Max
Nice images of the Butterflies, keep clicking.