Saturday, 15 August 2009

Norfolk Trip - Day 1

Denied in recent weeks of some birding on the coast because of the awful summer weather and ignoring the fact that it was not yet good for birding and it was still the school holidays when the weather man told me it would be good weather in East Anglia in the middle of the week I booked up and shot off to Norfolk early on Wednesday morning.It was dull when I set out and by the time I got to Kings Lynn the rain came falling down.Well done weatherman you've got me again!!!!

Allthough I knew the sea wall works had started I headed to Titchwell because I could shelter from the rain in a hide.The new Island hide was up and running so I slipped in there out of the rain.The Parinder hide was a pile of rubble and there was a lot of heavy and noisey equipment working on the new sea wall.The water level on the fresh marsh was very low and despite the work going on there were plenty of birds around with a Little Stint,4 Curlew Sandpipers,loads of Dunlin and a couple of Spotted Redshanks in the range of my bins from the Island hide.A walk to the beach found it very quiet with a few Turnstone,some Knot and a few Sanderlings the only birds I could see.The brackish marsh had been drained to allow the works to carry on so no birds on there.

Yipppeeee!!!!! the rain stopped after lunch and it brightened up so I thought I'd go to Thornam harbour and take the walk to Holme.The muddy creeks had a few waders including a BT Godwit,a couple of Curlew and a handsome Grey Plover.The walk to Holme was very pleasant in the sunshine but birdwise was a complete waste of time and I saw absolutely nothing.

I was now knackered so off to the hotel.

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